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OPENING RECEPTION | Friday, September 8, 2017

Join us September 8 for another fun-filled opening reception to see this month's exhibition. Stop by any time between 5:30 and 8pm and get your weekend to a great start.


96th Anniversary Exhibitions

JUROR | Steve Curtiss

Steve Curtiss graduated from Stanford with honors in a special program in Design that included art and engineering. In addition to courses in Mechanical Science and Technology, he studied studio art with Matt Kahn, Nathan Oliviera, and Keith Boyle. After graduation, he studied for 10 years with Alfredo D’Annunzio, a noted Bay Area painter. In 2010 his solo show in the Norton Gallery/Pacific Art League was named one of the Top Ten Art Events of the year, by the Palo Alto Weekly. In 2011, Steve received the Artist of the Year award, Senate District 11 (Silicon Valley). He teaches Tutoring in Painting at the Pacific Art League in the Fall and Spring. He shows his art in Gallery 9 in Los Altos and teaches at PAL.

*The list will be updated as more submissions are coming in

Helen Athey, M B, Kimberly Bailey, Katherine Bain, Camille Ball, Kathryn Beals,
Judith Bell, Carol Bower, Diana Brady, William Bruner, Naomi Burns, Jim Caldwell,
Lisa Carpenter, Maura Carta, Youming Cate, Brooke Chandler, Joy Chase,
John Chen, Greg Cheung, Diana Chien, Gary Coleman, Tony Coluzzi,
Stacy COnnaway, Priscilla Connelly, Evelyn Colley DeWolfe, Jil Coolidge,
Shay Cornyn, Lee Crager, David Craven, Kay Culpepper, Steve Curl, Steve Curtiss,
Daniele Cuzin, Eric Davidove, MeiYing Dell'Aquila, Ron Dell'Aquila, Corinne Derringer,
Sara Di Silvestro, Myrna Ehrlich, Irina Evangelidy, Danielle Fafchamps, Robyn Freedman,
Marianne Gerson, Sagarika Ghosh, Louise Gibler, Linda Gilbert, Heiko Greb,
Patrice Gelband, Leanne Hamilton, Missy Hart, Alan Helfen, Rozanne Hermelyn Di Silvestro,
Lauren Herzog Schwartz, Ann Hogel, Mary Holzer, Tabitha Jacobson, Patricia Jones,
Earl Junghans, Elza Keet, Anushka Kesavan, Michael Kesselman, Stephanie Koran,
Dan Kostenbauder, Judy Kramer, Mis Kyrene, Lai, Ling Lin, Betty Linvill, Claire Liversidge,
Oleg Lobykin, Cynthia Lovewell, Ed Lucey, Dan Lythcott-Haims, Deborah Macias,
Maralyn Miller, Carolina Moura, Sondra Murphy, James Ong, Peter Paluzzi, Cherryl Pape,
Yoonha Park, Patrali Paul, Lin C. Peng, Alla Petrushina, Amy Rattner, Lorinda Reichert,
Teresa Ryals, Mona Safai, Simone Sarmet, Curt Schauer, Robin Scholl, Craig Sereda,
Josephine Shuster, Anna Sidana, Jan Silverman, Doug Simon, Jared Sines, Fleur Spolidor,
Lisa Starnes, James Stinger, David Stonesifer, Masa Suzuki, Sherry Symington,
Rosalinda Taymor, David Trousdale, Linda Watson, LaRhee Webster, Nancy Wong,
Isabella Yeh, Chun-Hui Yu, Margaret Yung, Robert Zucker.

Many thanks to the volunteers who make our First Friday openings possible!


October 6-26
Landscape, Seascape and Cityscape

Exhibition Partner:

Submissions deadline: September 20, 2017

Opening Reception: October 6th
Selection Notification Date: September 21st
Drop off: September 29th & 30th
Pick up: October 27th & 28th