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Ever wonder about the difference between a robot and a rubato? (Hint: One is a handy mechanical helper and the other is a way for an opera diva to make her conductor look like a fool.)  Ever wonder who conceived the first opera?  Why do ladies dress like boys in the opera?  How can one onstage death take so long?

Well, your suspense it about to end. Join Theo Keet and his wife Elza in their Menlo Park home for an evening of appetizers, wine and opera.  Dr. Clifford (“Kip”) Cranna, Dramaturg at San Francisco Opera, will answer these burning questions and more, using video examples. He will also give us a behind-the-scenes view of America’s second largest opera company presenting the most drama-filled art form on the planet.

And if we’re lucky, he may even explain what a dramaturg is…

LOCATION: Menlo Park