Pacific Art League

A passion for art and community since 1921





It’s 1921 all over again!

Flappers were the ultimate “It Girls.” Al Capone and his boys owned the streets and Bathtub Gin was king. Speakeasies were all the rage as folks sneaked away to dark, back alley clubs to drink, dance and enjoy the wild party.

Naturally, 1921 is when Pacific Art League was formed.

Pacific Art League invites you to travel back to this scandalous time of the roaring twenties a night of food, wine and razzle-dazzle entertainment Great Gatsby-style. Dress up like your favorite rumrunner or flapper and support Pacific Art League. Auction steals and other surprises await.

Saturday, February 11, 2017
Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto
6PM until the wee hours

Be one of the 150 exclusive guests to get the secret password to Palo Alto’s own party of the year.

Don’t worry. The National Prohibition Act won’t shut us down this time around.