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Robin Scholl

Robin Scholl

Los Altos Foothills | Watercolor & Pastel | 30" x 40" | May 2015

Los Altos Foothills | Watercolor & Pastel | 30" x 40" | May 2015

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Robin Scholl has been an instructor at the Pacific Art League for 26 years and is currently a PAL board member. She has been active in the Bay Area art scene as an artist, lecturer, speaker and art supporter.

How long have you been painting? Could you talk about your first inspiration as an artist?

I've been painting since about the age of 10 years. I painted a picture of Santa Claus riding his sleigh through the sky with his reindeer. I used a magazine publication that I had found. The sleigh was filled with presents and the sky was dark with twinkling stars. It was very large and the teacher put it up high in my classroom!

How would you describe your paintings beyond the material and the structure that you use? Does it reflect your own personality?

Yes, each painting definitely takes on its own personality. When I was in grade school, I did have a hard time concentrating because I was always distracted by the outside world. I'd be looking out the window at the trees and land instead of at the blackboard.

I'm totally immersed in a painting until it is finished. It has to shine though, in the end, or it's not worth the execution. Some take longer than others to get to that point of knowing when it's finished. I think my paintings do reflect my own personality. People tell me that they see an inner peace and tranquility. Which I believe I have.

What is your favorite subject matter for your paintings and why?

I've always loved the landscape. My parents took my sister and I camping and hiking every summer when we were little. My husband and I did for our children as well. So I love the outdoors and the forest and trees and mountains. Also, my father was a geologist and was always explaining how rocks and land were formed. It gave me a good understanding of what we see when we look at the landscape.

Any advice you’d like to give to someone who is on the fence of taking their first art class?

Well, if you don't try something, you will never know what you might have gotten out of it. Even if you don't become another Monet, it is so very calming and therapeutic just to sit and draw or paint for a couple of hours a week. You will make friends and meet so many wonderful people. You will begin to see things in a way you've never seen them before. I actually warn my new students to be careful driving after the first couple classes because when they look up to the sky now, they will be distracted by those values in the clouds, and the colors in the horizon, like they never were before!