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Leah Lubin (b. 1951, Haifa, Israel) is an artist, novelist, poet, and instructor (currently on hiatus) of abstract painting at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto. She grew up in England and enrolled in the Barnet College of Art of London University at the age of 17. She has lived and worked in the United States since 1979, and has internationally exhibited in numerous galleries. Leah Lubin has juried exhibitions, organized the Beat Museum Annual Poetry Festival, and continues to publish new literary work. Of her visual art practice, Lubin writes, "My paintings and drawings reflect shapes and forms, both abstract and realistic, that I find in nature on Earth and in the cosmos. I use these elements as a springboard into my philosophy of visionary art and literature. The work reflects my interest in seeing beyond our normal vision into the metaphysical aspect of the universe. I express my ideas of current and future interactions of conscious and unconscious energy, and the human life."


During our opening reception, four artists exhibiting in Abstractions will be introduced by the Pacific Art League gallery manager to give brief artist talks on their artworks dealing with environment and abstraction. Speaking artists include:

On Thin Ice (2016)

Curt Schauer
On Thin Ice (2016)
From the series Global Warming
Fused glass with pattern bar, belt sanded, sand blasted, kiln polished

Artist's Statement
Part of a series on global warming, this piece represents the melting ice cap and the changing ocean tides. A pattern bar forms the ocean tides, layers of tack fused white opal glass form the melting snow pack. The edge is belt sanded. The face is sand blasted and kiln polished to create the satin sheen enhancing the image of melting snow.

Bristlecone Spirit (2016)

Dan McLean
Bristlecone Spirit (2016)
Archival pigment print photograph

Artist's Statement
When I make an image, my intent is to convey to the viewer my visualization of the scene. My subjects are mostly taken from nature, a result of my lifelong love of the outdoors. But other subjects catch my eye – buildings, forms, patterns, colors. Whatever the subject, I want to present the viewer with a print that expresses an interpretation of time and place, that conveys a feeling for the subject, not just a reproduction of the scene. My images are both color and black and white, captured using both film and digital cameras. All of my work is printed digitally using archival materials. My philosophy is to do a minimum of image manipulation in the field or in printing, making allowance for the fact that the camera does not capture exactly what the eye sees.

What Lies Beneath; Tails, Treasure and Trash (2016)

Alsier Angeles
What Lies Beneath; Tails, Treasure and Trash (2016)
From the series Underwater Impressions
Mixed media

Artist's Statement
The beauty of our marine ecology is being destroyed by man made waste.

Industrial Waste (2016)

Jim Potterton
Industrial Waste (2016)
Acrylic on wood panel


A special thank-you to our exhibition installation volunteers, Craig Sereda and Deb Maufer, and our First Friday volunteers, Kenneth Chun, Gina Keydeniers, Robert Rivera, Ana Vacas, Karen Olsen and Adrienne Felt.  We couldn't do it without you!