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CORRIDOR GALLERY  BABES OF THE 60s | Paint using Technology | Caroline Mustard & Jeannie Mecorney

Opening Reception First Friday, August 5 - 5:30-6:30 PAL Members and Participating Artists - 6:30-8PM General Public with an Artist Talk Series: 7:10-7:40PM

Distinct among artistic media, printmaking presents the artist, viewer and broader
society with a most medium specific poetics. This August, the Pacific Art League will
mount an exhibition of contemporary prints by Bay Area artists working in relief, intaglio,
planographic, and stencil processes.


Linda Yoshizawa / Ginger Tolonen / Kate Orrange / Patricia Theobald Payne / Eddie Lee /

Kathleen McNutt-Hart / Riti Dhesi / Starr Davis / Teresa Ryals / Donna Orme / Paul Johnson /

Cherise Thompson / Rozanne Hermelyn Di Silvestro / John Cadigan / Nancy Berry / Gail Blackmarr /

Servane Briand / Pam Landram / Leslie Lowinger / Melinda diSessa / Dara Lorenzo / E. Oscar Maynard


John Cadigan | The High Priestess (2015) | Woodcut Printmaking on Mulberry Paper | 15x24 | $1,500

John Cadigan

John Cadigan is an emerging artist whose work integrates mystical themes with ancient symbology. His intricate woodcuts have been exhibited in museums and galleries around the United States. His woodcut prints are pressingly detailed and hold a certain mystery, drawing viewers closer. Cadigan often connects with his spirituality throughout the development of his work. "My process is what I call semi-automatic – the automatic refers to channeling the unconscious, what the surrealists call “psychic automatism” – free play. The semi means that I use my unconscious mind also to make decisions about the composition. It is a dance between the conscious and the unconscious. The prints I am submitting point to what Jung called the personal and collective unconsciousness which is made up of archetypes like the Fool and the High Priestess of the Tarot. I love the ideas of mystery, wonder and awe and try to instill these ideas in my work. Art for me is not rational or logical. It is not intellectual. It deals with the heart and the soul, that is, accessing the heart and the soul through combining the conscious and unconscious. It is in the realm of the imagination, the ineffable and the enigma."

Cadigan trained at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art and spent a year studying painting and printmaking in Rome, Italy with the Tyler School of Art. He is a member of the California Society of Printmakers and maintains a studio in Palo Alto, California.

Rozanne Hermelyn Di Slivestro | Waiting for the Water to Rise (2015) | Monotype printmaking on Magnani Pescia paper | 17.5x23.5 | $1,800

Rozanne Hermelyn Di Slivestro | Waiting for the Water to Rise (2015) | Monotype printmaking on Magnani Pescia paper | 17.5x23.5 | $1,800

Rozanne Hermelyn Di Slivestro

Since Rozanne can remember, she has painted, drawn and followed her passion for the arts. After graduating UCLA and Art Center College of Design with distinction, Rozanne became owner of Arc & Line Communications. She also taught at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her inspiration is drawn from the Bay Area's surroundings, focusing on the well-being of the environment. "As a resident of California, I see only hints of our global distress. Agricultural lands lying fallow, earth surfaces sinking and water rationing are constant reminders for me of the dismal health and state of our earth. This new series, Waiting, speaks to the overwhelming passive response to confronting global warming. While many individuals seemingly acknowledge the record changes in climate, increase in oceans surface temperatures and rise of sea levels, they continue to wait immobilized for changes to occur."

Rozanne’s artwork was selected into the permanent collection of the Library of Congress, won Best of Show in the Yosemite Renaissance XXIII Exhibit and won 1st Place in the Beyond Cancer Exhibit by the Canary Foundation and Palo Alto Art League.

ABOUT THE JUROR | Andrea Voinot

Andrea Voinot, Kala Art Institute’s Art Sales and Consulting Manager, has over 35 years of experience working in the non-profit art world. An artist herself, she thrives on supporting artists in the work they do. Before coming to Kala, she spent 26 years at SFMOMA, promoting the work of Bay Area artists through rentals, sales and exhibitions. In her current position, Andrea works closely with Kala’s artists to place their artwork in private, corporate and museum collections. Andrea has a BA in Art History from Stanford University and an MFA and BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.


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