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FEBRUARY 1 - 21, 2019

First Friday Opening Reception, February 1, 2019 (5:30-8pm)

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The Pacific Art League presents “Asian Art Now” for the month of February coinciding with the celebration of the Lunar New Year. This one-month exhibition opens February 1st and features works by local, internationally recognized artists May Shei, Yu Chun-Hui and Stella Zhang. This exhibition includes a solo show by May Shei in the Main Gallery and individual shows by Yu Chun-Hui and Stella Zhang in Studio One. 

Jon Graves, CEO and Executive of Director of Pacific Art League said: "The population of Palo Alto is exceptionally diverse, reflecting the uniquely influential community that resides and works here. This 21st century melting pot is so vibrant and exciting with many cultures represented. As a visual arts institution, we want to increasingly recognize that evolving demographic and celebrate it. With this in mind, we are so excited to showcase the work of three high profile female Chinese artists who have also taught at Pacific Art League for many years.”

Complementing the exhibits in the Main Gallery and Studio One are student works in the Central Gallery. The curated works are a selection of pieces created by May Shei, Stella Zhang and Yu Chun-Hui’s Pacific Art League students. Exhibiting students include: Linda Tapscott, Rachel Tirosh, Gerri Russell, Lauren Herzog Schwartz, Janie Farn, Karen DalColletto, Annette Wagner, Claire Tu, Sachiyo Yamasaki, Claire Haratana, Kimberley Wong, Karen Tseng, Diana Chien, Chai Lo Lai, Lin-Ching Peng, Yingssu Tsai, Ling Lin So and Jerome Chin.

May Shei

May Shei: Color in Meditation 陳菊美現代水墨展

Solo Exhibition | Main Gallery

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Artists statement: Born in a small town in southern Taiwan, May Shei brings the richness of her country's history into her artwork.  May’s art blends the traditional techniques of Asian artists before her as well as her own contemporary style. May often portrays the creatures of her childhood, now endangered and protected species, as well as ancient figures from Taiwan's past. Her work examines the abstract and the natural, and the ways in which they collide with our modern world. May’s show is sponsored by Chinese Art Association of San Francisco (CAASF).

About the artist: May Shei graduated from the Arts and Craft program at Tainan University of Technology and the Department of Art at Chinese Culture University with a major in commercial design and a minor in Oil and Chinese painting. May is an art teacher and professional artist focusing on abstract, linear style, and contemporary art. May’s work blends Eastern and Western styles in a contemporary fashion and has received multiple awards in several San Francisco Bay Area art competitions. She is an invited and featured artist in many galleries and Museum exhibits with solo art shows in Taiwan, China, and the US.

Yu, Chun-Hui

Poetic Sentiment, Zen Spirit: Painting of Yu, Chun-Hui 

Studio One

Artists statement:  Yu, Chun-Hui’s art is an integration of philosophy, painting, and calligraphy—with nature, poetry, and Zen serving as vital sources of inspiration.  Her art evolves from a meditative process of personal reflection.  Yu Chun-Hui’s ink paintings, which include many abstract landscapes, are a contemporary reinterpretation of the Classical Chinese art form. The unfolding landscape serves as a metaphor for the artist’s own search for spiritual meaning in communion with and reverence for the natural world.

About the artist:  Yu, Chun-Hui has studied under the mentorship of masters Huang Chun-Pi, Wong Lui-Sheng, Chiang Chao-Shen, Hau Pei-Jen, Liu Ping-Heng, Tsao Jung-Ying, Fu Chuan-Fu and Lin Yun. Her paintings have been exhibited extensively in China, Taiwan and the U.S., including Liaoning Provincial Museum, Shanghai Art Museum and the Silicon Valley Asian Art Center. Yu, Chun-Hui taught Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy at San Jose City College and currently teaches Pacific Art League (since 1996).

Stella Zhang

“0” by Stella Zhang

Studio One

Artists statement: “0” has become a focus of my art because it transcends through its generally accepted shape and mathematical meaning, into a much deeper place; where nature is the spirit that gives it both a complex and/or a simple meaning. Like a river; the “0” can make and follow the same path. Though the shape may appear singular and confined, it can easily become a much more imaginative space for the artist. “0” as an artistic theme allows me to explore an infinite palette of ideas. I can digress into places that offer meaningful patterns and regularity, or places full of metaphysical profusion that can take ones’ senses into areas that challenge the reality of our understanding and imagination.

About the artist: Stella Zhang was born in Beijing, China and learned painting from her father the acclaimed brush painter Ping Zhang who was a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.  She attended the high school of Central Academy of Fine Arts, then matriculated to the Central Academy of Fine Arts where she received her BFA in Chinese Brush Paining in 1989. Stella moved to Japan in 1990 where she studied Japanese Painting at Tama Fine Art University and later at Tokyo Art University where she earned her MFA in Japanese Painting in 1996.

Over the past 20 years, Stella’s works have been exhibited in Chinese, Japanese and American galleries and museums. Her work has been included in fine arts collections across the world. Stella has published seven books and has lived in the United States since 2003.