Pacific Art League

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Join us March 3 for another fun-filled opening reception to see this month's exhibition. Stop by any time between 5:30 and 8pm and get your weekend to a great start.

PAL Members Check in at our Members' Lounge (Print Room) and get your complimentary wine glass starting at 5:30pm.

FUR, FEATHERS & FINS | Main Gallery and Studio One

Participating Artists

Jan Nolte, Anita Landon, Ann Sisemore, Barbara Lewicki, Beka Brayer, Bob Carlin, Carla Gelbaum, Catherine Linetsky, Cherryl Pape, Chester Ng, Deborah Macias, Ellen Kramer, Frankie Meyer, Frederick Carter, Gail Matthews, Greg Cheung, Jan Nolte, Janey Fritsche, Judy Kramer, Karen Olsen, Kathleen McNutt-Hart, Kathy Kleinsteiber, Kelly Foutz, LaRhee Webster, Laura McHugh, Leah Jakusovszky, Lead Read, Lesley Pickford, Lin Peng, Linda Maki, Marie Cameron, Maura Carta, May Shei, Mis Kyrene, Noelle Ballarini, Nora Sarkissian, Oleg Lobykin, Patricia Jones, Patricia Theobald-Payne, Paulette Lagana, Peter Koronakos, See See Lo, Stanislava Chening, Stephanie Han, Susan Carnahan, Susan Cartwright, Vered Binyamini, Yi Ang Lee

PAL STUDENTS' SHOW | Corridor Gallery

Participating Artists

Carol Sconzert, Gail Matthews, Eleanor Normile, Mary Collins, Saba Ali, Catherine McGowan, Oana Cocosel, Judith Bell, Masa Suzuki, Judy Gittelsohn, Sona Siccardo, Katherine Bain, Marianne Gerson.

JUROR | DeWitt Cheng

DeWitt Cheng is a freelance art critic and curator living in San Francisco. He studied art history at Stanford (BA 1971) and Drawing/Painting at San Francisco State University (MFA 1988). Since 2000, he has written hundreds of reviews and articles about the Bay Area art scene (many of which are available online). He currently writes for both print (Art Ltd., Artillery, East Bay Monthly) and web ( publications, and served from 2013 t0 2016 as Curator of Stanford Art Spaces.

Many thanks to the volunteers who make our First Friday openings possible!