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MAY 2016





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Lynne Todaro is a faculty member in the Art Department at Mission College in Santa Clara, California, as well as an exhibiting sculptor and metalsmith. She started making sculpture in the 1980’s while studying graphic design in the Dallas, TX area and changed her major to Fine Arts. She received a Master’s degree in Sculpture from the the San Francisco Art Institute. Lynne Todaro currently teach art classes including Metalsmithing, Furniture Design and Sculpture at Mission College in Santa Clara, where she is Director of the Vargas Gallery on campus. She has curated exhibitions at the Vargas and helped curate exhibitions at other venues including Art Ark and Works/San Jose.


During our opening reception, four artists exhibiting in Abstractions will be introduced by the Pacific Art League gallery manager to give brief artist talks on their artworks dealing with environment and abstraction. Speaking artists include:

Ciaran Freeman

Artist’s statement

Modeled after Martha Graham's revolutionary choreography, Lamentation, this sculpture is an experimentation in three-dimensional drawing with steel rod. I designed it for my mother, a dancer who studied the Graham technique. I explore the same theme of lamentation that was in Graham's work. I was inspired by my experience leaving home and my mother in New Jersey to study in California, ultimately creating this work to honor her grief in that separation.

About the artist

Ciaran Freeman is a multi disciplinary artist based out of Santa Clara, California. Interested in the intersection of drawing and sculpture he creates three dimensional line drawings by welding steel rod. Originally from New Jersey he moved to California in 2014 to study Studio Art and Art History at Santa Clara University.

Lamentation: A Sculpture for My Mother the Dancer (2015) | Steel, nylon, spray paint, wood | 45x35x35” | $1,200


Marie Cameron

Artist's Statement
So often we are on autopilot as we navigate our day. We may have interactions with all kinds of people in the public space where there isn't even eye contact. The People in my Neighborhood series is an attempt to establish intimacy with people in the public space. The direct gaze is a very important component to work as the subjects look out to the viewers, presenting themselves. I love how their strong, beautiful and unique personalities transcend their working environment and the end result is something very special - the act of seeing and of being seen.”

About the artist

Marie Cameron earned her BFA with distinction from Mount Allison University which is known for its tradition of realism. In addition to her oil painting, she has worked as a designer and book illustrator and currently one of her paintings is the cover of a The Memento, a novel coming out this April. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is widely collected. It can be viewed in person at the Los Gatos Museum Gallery, or by appointment at her studio in Los Gatos, California.

Tiny as the Universe (2015) | Oil on canvas | 24x36” | $3,000

Dan Woodard

Alsier Angeles
What Lies Beneath; Tails, Treasure and Trash (2016)
From the series Underwater Impressions
Mixed media

Artist's Statement

One evening I spoke my mind a little too freely with a group of friends. The resultant nightmare is represented by this sculpture. He is made of terra cotta with a rusted iron coating.

About the artist

The act of creating has long been a driving force in my life. After designing and building my own home entirely by hand and creating a sustainable, organic life style in rural Massachusetts, I worked as a fine art photographer with shows in New York, Boston, and other East Coast cities. I've also worked and exhibited as a cabinet maker, a stained-glass artisan, and a potter. However, my primary career focus was as a script writer and director of film and video. My work has been recognized by over fifty national and international awards including honors from the New York International and Chicago International Film Festivals and inclusion in the Library of Congress CINE Collection. Upon retiring, I began to channel my creative energies into sculpture. Over the past few years, my work has appeared in over 30 juried shows and was featured in the book "Contemporary Sculptors." My work, both figurative and abstract, arise from my subconscious combined with memory and a spontaneous interaction with a variety of materials. The sculptures have been described as elegant, yet also earthy and powerful and are imbued with a mythic, numinous, and archetypal awareness that comes directly from my process of creation. My ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work...a sense of knowing, of understanding.

Dream from a Spontaneous Utterance (2015) | Terra cotta with rusted iron coating | 16.5x20x16” | $2,500


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