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  • PAL instructor since 2010

  • Courses: Chinese Painting

  • Interests: Traveling, cooking with my family, volunteering and reading

  • Student Testimonial: “I've been taking classes with May for the last 5 years and I really enjoy the dynamics of the class and her positive attitude.” - Kimberly K.

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My devotion to art started way before I went to preschool. I painted and made crafts all the time. I grew up in a small town in Taiwan, where the traditional Hakka culture was everywhere. From antique house decorations and paintings, to murals and sculptures in the temples, my childhood was a combination of the old and the new. We also lived in a national park, so the environment was full of beautiful life objects and landscapes. It was like an art book everywhere to me.

I left my home to study art at 16 years old. After I graduated college, worked in Kua-Hua Advertising Ltd for two years, then I got married and had two kids. Throughout it all, I never stopped illustrating and making art. I participated in international art competitions, was juried in and received a wide variety of awards.

Because of my background- a major of commercial art design and a minor in Chinese painting, oil, and watercolor, I use different elements like "point ", "line", and "space " in my pieces, along with bright color on silk or rice paper. My art mirrors my life journey.

I now teach Contemporary Chinese painting, and it's never an easy job. To teach Chinese painting, you need to be familiar with 5000 years of history, the language, and deal with the difficulty of finding special materials. It's worth teaching to see people from all backgrounds and histories taking my class, forming relationships with them and seeing the fruits of their hard work.

Life is so unpredictable, but I feel blessed to look back at my life and see all the influences and people who have helped me along the way.

The well-known artist, George Rivera, former executive Senior Curator and Director of the Triton Museum of Art, said my abstract contemporary Chinese paintings are "Beautiful, and strong, powerful mood, atmosphere, and emotion". I dedicate these wonderful words to all my dear family and friends.


  • 2019 Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, May Shei: Color in Meditation

  • 2018 New Taipei City Hakka Park Yi-Jing-Fang

  • 2017 Wellington Gallery Solo Exhibition, Taipei

  • 2016 Culture Center of Taipei Economic & Cultural office’s Gallery, Solo Exhibition,San Jose, California

  • 2015 Everrich Galley, Solo Exhibition, Kaohsiung International airport

  • 2014 Everrich Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Taipei

  • 2013 Yibao Auction, May Shei Solo Exhibition, Taipei

  • 2012 Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Does-Ming Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Taipei

  • 2011 798 Art Zone Jin-Sin Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Beijing

  • 2010 Hou beiren Art Museum, Solo Exhibition, Shanghai


  • 2017 Cupertino distinguished Artist Award Winner

  • 2017 juried into Salon d’Automne 2017 Paris

  • 2016 Two pieces juried into Salon d’Automne 2016 Paris

  • 2015 Juried in Art Revolution Taipei, international Artist grand prize competition

  • 2015 World peace art competition, honorable award. Chinese painting.

  • 2012 Juried in to Triton Museum Watercolor competition

  • 2009 “Misty mountain” University Art best of show, Chinese painting

  • 2008 LGAA 1’st place “Home coming” Chinese painting

  • 2005 Cupertino 50th Golden Jubilee, 1st place Oil paintings