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Drawing Without Fear

Now you can draw without having to hide underneath the bed. You can draw without cold sweats, panic attacks, or feelings of embarrassment that may have limited you before! The art of drawing is fun and easy to learn when you get beyond the fear of failure. When you join this easy and unique drawing workshop, you will be in for some surprises. This enjoyable day should remove any drawing phobias you may have and open your creative expression for a life time of drawing pleasure. You will learn how to: Draw with feeling and for fun, Loosen up and be free, Talk about drawings without being critical, Teach drawing to others–adults and children, Discover your world drawing—traveling, at home, in boring meetings, anytime, anyplace, Draw quickly and effortlessly, This workshop will use Mr. Dvorak’s book, Drawing Without Fear, as a guide to the exercises presented. The carefully planned sequence of information and hands-on drawing exercises, with a wide variety of media, will free your creative hand and eye.