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Dear Members,

I hope you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying all the beautiful weather. For those of you who are plein air enthusiasts, this time of year is glorious - light and color everywhere and lots to see and paint.

It’s a busy time at Pacific Art League, too. We have just started the first of our many summer art camps for kids and teens. We will have young people at PAL all through the summer, exploring their imaginations, learning and making art. Adult summer classes and workshops will start in just a few days.

As you know, my wife Elza and I are hosting a very special party for PAL. Sunday, June 26 5-8 PM at our Menlo Park home, we will have the pleasure of a special presentation from Dr. Kip Cranna, dramaturg of San Francisco Opera entitled Divas, Duets & Drama.  Kip will answer your burning opera questions Such as: What’s thedifference between a robot and a rubato? (Hint: One is a handy mechanical helper and the other is a way for an opera diva to make her conductor look like a fool.)  Ever wonder who conceived the first opera?  Why do ladies dress like boys in the opera?  How can one onstage death take so long? And if we’re lucky, he may even explain what a dramaturg is…

Tickets are $125 each to support PAL and our Community Engagement Programs. Please join us for an evening of wine, appetizers, live music and a lively discussion. To reserve your ticket, click here.

Theo Keet
Board President, Pacific Art League