Pacific Art League

A passion for art and community since 1921


August 2015—Figures & Faces—Juror: Ric Ambrael
First Prize: Lizzie Brouks, “Spirit & Self” (HD Video/Photo)
Second Prize: Liz Fischler, “Sideways Glance” (Acryllic on Canvas)
Diane Abt, “Malala: One Girl Among Many”
Tina Maier, “B Girl” (Fiber textiles)
Tom Moutan “Danny” (Mixed media)
Lino Azevedo, “Untitled” (Mixed media)
[#4 Ned Axtlelm Firday Night Jacket)
September 2015—94th Anniversary Exhibit, Vive les arts!—Juror: Rick Ambrose
Chun Hui Yu, “Enlightened One” (Ink Watercolor)
Danielle Falchamps, “Sentinel #45 (Clay sallage steel)
Jared Sines, “Copper Jankard Artichoke & Fruit”
Halcyon Teed, “Point Bonita” (oil)
Leila Beverleigh, “De Millas Study,” (Charcoal)
John Eaton, “Salisbury Cathedral” (photo)
October 2015—Landscapes, Seascapes & Urbanscapes
Christopher Swetlin, “Water Wall”
Judy Kramer, “Storm Coming to Vermillion Cliffs”
Louis Moffett, “Vernazza, Cinque Terra”
Rebecca Bangs, “New Mexico Place of Rest”
Deborah Maufer, “Power Plant”
LaRhee Webster, “Point Lobos, Morning on the Rocks”
November 2015—Photo: Exposed—Juror: ?
July 2015-- Members Exhibit—Juror: Donna Conwell
Danielle Fatchamps, “Traces”
Harriet Sarfinkce, “Red Sloue” (?)
Carol Matre, “Carmel Sunset”
Chris Swetlin, “Canyon Walls”
Kathleen McNutt-Hart, “Pastry Bas”
Judy Kramer, “I’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now”
May 2015—PAL Instructor & Silicon Valley Open Studios—Juror: ?
Howard (Notes: Shading, rendering, excellent. Strangely beautiful)
Stella (Notes: Excellent composition well expected precedents, Italian/French 1950s, Burri, Fontana, Rotella)
Chun Hai (Notes: Subdued, negative space, very good)
Martin (Notes: Foreground-great, needs more complex recession)
Terry Eden (Notes: Beautiful color, lots of P rendering Size of signature)
Janet Goodman (Notes: Color complex space)
January 2014—Members Exhib—Juror: ?
Jo Killen, “Raku Double I”
Mark Garner, “Autumn Yosemite”
Marua Carta, “Side Door”
?, “Cranes as Sunset/Silhouettes of Bosque del apache”
Christopher Swetlin, “39th and Alameda de las Pulgas”
Laura Snable, “Jazz Improv No. 5/Los Altos Hills”
April 2014—Spring Awakening—Juror: ?
Fred Holle, “When Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind” (Creative, Original, Beautifully executed, and slightly disturbingly joyful)
Lynn Twitchell, “Jessica 1” (Beautifully rendered, nice foreshortening, lush colors, clever placement of figure au natural)
Marie Cameron, “Lily of the Valley with Cows” (Creative juxtaposition of landscape and still life, well-executed, we ligke the animals repeated on pitcher)
Robin Apple- “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden #1”
Mark Garner, “Peaceful Reflections”
Sagi Cree, “Second Day in Yellow”
Heiko Greb, “Mag Good”
May 2014—Photography: Writing with Light—Juror: Brian Taylor
Michael Strong, “Point Lobos”\
Elaine Heron, “Pulling the Strings”
Sergey Konozenko, “The Rays of Light”
Larry Calof, “Guardian Angel”
Tania Cardenas, “Arctic Dive”
Chester Ng, “Night Moves”
June 2014—Wet Paint—Juror: ?
Techchi Chen, “Good Morning”
Vincent Cici, “Close Encounters”
Keclie Flint, “#1026#2”
Carole Fulmer, “Pentimento”
Marian Yap, “Strata”
Leslie Nielsen, ?
October 2014—Landscapes, Seascapes & Urbanscapes—Juror: Sarah Kabet
Marie Cameron, “Bottom of the Bay”
Gary Coleman, “Blazing Shadows”
Julio M. Romero, “Untitled from the Playa Series”
Malaika Santa Cruz, “Living Water”
Christopher Swetlin, “September 7, 2002”
Lisa Ellis, “Sunbathing”
November 2014—Science, Technology & the Future of Art—Juror: ?
December 2014—Winter Wonder—Juror: Lisa Ellsworth

Peter Carey, “Ripples”
Elaine Heron, “Bison Trudging Through the Snow”
Louise Gabler, “Winter Woman”
Lennel Allen, “Hearthstone: Seeking Warmth #25”
Stephen Curl, “Winter in Taos”
Mary Stahl, “A Wintery Day”
January 2015—Members’ Exhibit—Juror: JoAnn Edwards
Daniele Fatchamps, “Here & Now” (ceramic)
Linda Tapscott, “Aquasemeni” (wire/textile)
Cheryl Pape, “Japanese Street Vendor- Tokyo” (graphite drawing)
Robin Scholl, “Mekong River Delta, Reflections” (watercolor/pastel)
Denise Natanson-Marcus, “West Marin Hills” (oil)
John Haynes, “Tea for Two” (watercolor)
February 2015—Abstraction –Juror: Robert Poplack
Dean Moniz, “Beyond the Boogie Woogie”
Ed Smiley, “Uncanny Path”
John Hartford, “Renewal at the Price of Sacrifice”
Gail Ragains, “Carnaval”
Marjorie Law, “Blue Lake”
John Bucklin, “Tuesday Morning”
March 2015—Fur, Feathers & Fins—Juror: Bradley Platz
Blake McFarland, “Cougar”
Maura Carta, “Rabbit”
Denise Howard, “What is it?”
Elaine Heron, “Sled Dog Guarding Her Pups in Greenland”
Irina Evangelidy, “To The Sky”
David Fleming, “The Wayward Bus”
April 2015—Spring is in the Air—Juror: Catharine Clark
James Kleckner, “Rome Series #7”
Alexandra Milukhin, “Womn”
Jaya King, “Cactus Flower”
Achint Thomas, “Living Land”
Susan Kessler, “Springtime Casino”
Karl X. Hauser, “The Harbinger”
June 2015—Pressed: A Printmaking Exhibition—Juror: Andrea Voinot (Serviane Briand-Weaver, Susan Cartwright-Louie)
Jessica Dunne, “Purple Rain”
Donna Westerman, “The Green Wash”
Julia Lucey, “Coyote in Cow Parsnip, Wood Fern & Iris”
Richelle Gribble, “Navigation-1”
Dante Kirkman, “I am Just a Poor Boy”
Sam Vaughan, “Drunk Woman in Landscape”