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World class art - Letter to the Daily Post - Jon Graves

Daily Post | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dear Editor: Councilman Greg Tanaka has criticized and voted against the art installation for the new police station, stating that with more pressing needs ….click image on the left to continue reading

Illustration by Olivia Wise

Illustration by Olivia Wise

Movers and shakers on the peninsula - Sukey Bryan

Nob Hill Gazette | May 2019

The environmental artist, who found her niche in nature’s ecosystem, will judge the Pacific Art League’s May exhibition on landscapes, Into the Wild. ….continue reading

Richard Man, “American”

Richard Man, “American”

Pacific Art League's exhibition celebrates the 'timeless quality' of black-and-white photography

Sheryl Nonnenberg | Palo Alto Weekly | April 17, 2019

We live in an image-driven society and, thanks to cell-phone technology, most of us have the ability to document our every encounter, action and meal. But when one thinks of photography as an art form, the black-and-white print is a dominant image. Since its invention in the mid-1800s, black-and-white photographs have had the ability to distill a scene to its essence, while still evoking drama and mystery. …..continue reading

Andrew Wegst

Andrew Wegst

The call of the wild

Karla Kane | Palo Alto Weekly | September 6, 2018

Nature has always been a rich source of inspiration for artists. With its new exhibition, the Pacific Art League hopes to give back to the natural world, not only by celebrating its beauty but also providing information about critical issues facing it. "Africa: The Struggle of Beauty" will incorporate the work of four renowned photographers and aims to address conflicts between humans and the environment, the commercialization of animal products and the devastating endangerment of some of Africa's most beloved species. …continue reading

Teri Vershel

Teri Vershel

Arresting images of African wildlife inspire action at new Pacific Art League show

Victoria Thorpe | Palo Alto Pulse | August 31, 2018

The Pacific Art League has a long history of offering classes and exhibit space for local amateur artists, but a new show that opens on September 7th aims to move beyond appreciating art to inspiring action to make a difference. “Africa: The Struggle of Beauty,” the show brings world-class photographs of Africa with a narrative component curated in partnership with WildAid that will help visitors both understand the images and get involved to address the challenges facing endangered species. …continue reading


Pacific Art League hires exec from media sector

Sheryl Nonnenberg | Palo Alto Weekly | April 10, 2017

The new executive director and CEO of the venerable Palo Alto nonprofit Pacific Art League is an art lover and media business professional whose career has included two years as chief revenue officer at the media company Re/code and most recently a year as head of event sales for Bloomberg Live Events. …continue reading